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June is National Safety Month, and if your business does not have a formal safety training program in place, this month is a great time to begin. Workplace accidents are rarely accidents, and with a comprehensive safety training program, you can help to create an aware, safety-conscious workplace that keeps your ‘ insurance premiums low by avoiding negligent situations that lead to accidents.

In 2014, the last year that finalized statistics are available, worker fatalities increased and the U.S. experience the highest number of workplace deaths since the Great Recession of 2008. Almost 5,000 died in on-the-job or almost 13 per day.

The largest number of death were transportation related, but the second highest number were slips, trips or falls. It is likely that not one of these deaths was unforeseeable and most probably resulted from the negligence of employers, or both.

Proper training of your supervisors is essential, as they are the individuals most directly responsible for a culture of safety or of one of recklessness. Well-trained supervisors, who diligently enforce safety rules and practices can ensure that all of your are on board and adhere to the training they have been given.

When safety is practiced and enforced in an organization from top to bottom, it creates a synergy that is far greater than any one person could create. With everyone looking out for everyone else and preventing unsafe situations from developing, your company will be safer and more productive.

And avoiding high insurance costs and not having to attend employee funerals more than pays for any training costs across the organization.

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