At least two injured after collapse at construction site

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Firm News |

A construction accident in West Allis, Wisconsin recently left at least two with injuries and investigators asking plenty of questions about how the accident occurred. With the investigation early in the process, there are few details available about this story.

But what is known is that the construction project involved work underground at an intersection. According to a witness at the scene, there was a metal plate placed underground, and then suddenly the hole where the were working in collapsed. Immediately after the collapse, there were screams to call 911.

In a video from our source article, one worker is taken off on a stretcher with a neck brace on. It is unclear what specific injuries were sustained by the who needed to be taken away from the scene, but clearly something serious happened here.

Construction accidents have a penchant for causing very serious injuries, even catastrophic or fatal ones. Given the prevalence of powerful machines at construction sites, the perilous heights or dangerous depths that need to reach to complete their task, and the incredible forces that are at work at any construction site, it is no wonder that these accidents happen far too often.

In this particular case, it looks like even the best plans failed to make considerations for a possible cave-in of the underground area that was being worked on. No matter what the particular circumstances are in any given construction accident, the incident needs to be fully investigated and the injured individuals need to consider what will happen going forward. ‘ goes a long way towards providing the financial assistance needed while you recover from your injuries.

Source: CBS 58, “Two Injured after Construction Accident in West Allis,” Justin Thompson-Gee, Aug. 26, 2016


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