Report says health care worker injury claims may drop

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Firm News |

Wisconsin health care might be interested in the results of a study conducted by Aon Global Risk Consulting that found an increase in the severity of injuries in ‘ claims but predicted a decrease in overall claims of 1 percent. The study also identified age as being a significant factor in injuries. Over half of the nurses who are injured are older than 50, and back and shoulder injuries are common.

The report also found that work sites using the Safe Patient Handling and Mobility standard were far safer. Health care worker injuries have dropped by as much as 95 percent thanks to this standard. On average, facilities that use it have $6,000 in claims versus $7,800 for facilities that do not use it.

More than 90 percent of survey respondents said that in the past three years they had experienced violence in the workplace. Around half reported being prepared for workplace violence while just over one-quarter said they were very prepared. More than 80 percent reported that their workplace had a violence prevention policy. According to the study, overall, there was a correlation between worker safety and patient safety in general.

Workplace injuries are a serious concern for health care . They may develop injuries from repetitive activities or from the strain of actions like lifting and turning patients. There may also be a risk of becoming ill in the workplace, and like all , they may suffer falls or another type of workplace accident. Health care who are injured or who become ill on the job may want to work with an attorney when they are preparing and filing their ‘ claims.


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