Certain accident types are more common in construction

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Construction deserve to have proper safety conditions while they work. Unfortunately, the nature of this type of work is extremely dangerous. With that in mind, construction go to work each day with the knowledge that there is a chance they will be injured in an accident. Some accidents are more common than others in the construction industry.

Heavy equipment is one safety hazard that is present on all construction sites. Anyone who operates this equipment must know how to operate it safely. If spotters are required to use a certain piece of equipment, such as a crane, those spotters should be in place before it is used. Failure to use equipment safely could lead to being crushed, pinned or run over.

In some cases, an accident involving heavy equipment will be because the equipment failed. This might lead to a product liability claim if the equipment was defective.

Falls are another type of accident that is common on construction sites. Scaffolding, ladders and working in high areas are all things that can lead to falls. Using harnesses and other equipment to stay safe is imperative to help prevent falls from injuring construction .

Falling objects are another issue at these sites. Using catch netting and other similar safeguards can help. If a worker who is multiple stories up on a frame, dropping a screw could be a fatal error if that screw hits another worker on the ground in the head.

The issue with each of these accident types comes in when the accident could have been prevented by an employer having proper safety equipment and protocol in place. When an accident occurred in this manner, seeking is likely possible.

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