What should I know about avoiding workplace injuries?

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Workplaces are meant to be safe, but they don’t always come without hazards. There are a few things you can do to help yourself stay safe, even if you’re exposed to dangers in the workplace.

What can I do to avoid injuries?

Keeping yourself safe at work starts with always staying alert. Make sure you get enough sleep before you get to work, and if someone else is tired, make sure he or she is alert enough to do the job. A tired person creates a higher risk in the workplace, so it is sometimes better for that person to go home than to put others at risk of injury.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

You shouldn’t try to wear anything other than your uniform, especially when you work in a factory. People who work in factories are more likely to be involved in accidents at work, and what is worn in the workplace plays a role. If you work with machinery, your sleeves should be tight to the body or short enough to stay out of the way, your hair should be tucked back and any other requirements should be met to keep you from being caught up in the machines.

Are emergency drills really that important?

When emergency drills are given, it’s important for everyone to be present and to participate. It can be tempting to sit the drill out while others practice, especially if you’ve done it before, but practice makes perfect. You should do the drills often enough to make them second nature, so if a real accident takes place, you immediately know what to do.

What if I get hurt on the job?

If your employer leaves obvious hazards in the workplace that you can’t avoid or that lead to your injury, you can seek out ‘ . If you’re denied, you are able to appeal, which is something to discuss with your attorney.

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