The most common types of workplace injuries

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Workplace injuries affect people of all ages. Younger new to the job may suffer injuries in part due to lack of experience. In fact, according to an official with Travelers Insurance — one of the largest providers of ‘ — over one-fourth of workplace injuries occur during a person’s first year on the job. Many are caused by accidents.

Older , meanwhile, are more likely to suffer strains and sprains. These are likely to be caused by lifting, carrying or lowering something. These injuries are the most common, accounting for almost a third of all ‘ comp claims.

The next most common causes of injury involve tripping, slipping and/or falling. Next are injuries caused by colliding with or being struck by something. Cumulative trauma, which involves overuse of a particular part of the body and tool-related accidents are less common.

The National Safety Council says that approximately every seven seconds, an American worker is hurt on the job. Of course, some injuries are more likely to occur in certain industries than others. For example, oil and gas employees were more likely to be hurt in vehicle accidents than other types of . Meanwhile, construction suffered more falls than other employees.

Interestingly, the most days of lost work were caused by inflammation (an average of 91 days). However, the most costly injuries to businesses are more serious ones like amputation, limb dislocation and electrical shock.

If you or a loved one has been injured at work, it’s essential to know what your rights are and to seek the that you need and deserve for missed work, medical treatment and other costs. An experienced Wisconsin ‘ attorney can provide guidance.

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