Wisconsin company cited, fined over 2 worker injuries

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Last month, a Green Bay company was hit with five violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is facing over $219,000 in proposed penalties.

The location where the violations occurred is called Bay Fabrication. It is owned by the Bay Family of Companies, which is based in Green Bay. It manufactures muffler components. The citations and penalties stem from two incidents that occurred within 10 days of one another last July and resulted in severe injuries to two employees who were operating machinery.

In the first incident, on July 21, a worker’s hand was crushed as he removed a mold from a molding machine. According to OSHA investigators, the safety interlock on the door that guarded the machine’s operating parts was damaged and the safety guard was left disabled.

Nine days later, another employee suffered a partial amputation of one of his fingers, also while using a molding machine. According to OSHA, the machine wasn’t properly locked out and caught the worker’s finger in a pinch point.

On Jan. 18 of this year, OSHA issued the company two serious violations, one other-than-serious violation, a willful violation and a repeated violation. According to OSHA’s report, the company failed to guard machine operating parts and had improperly installed safety guards on its machines. They also were cited for failing to properly record work related injuries on the appropriate logs.

The Bay Family of Companies runs some 40 corporations in 75 locations throughout the country. They manufacture automotive and industrial insulation products.

An OSHA report finding safety violations can help injured and families of who have been killed get the they need and deserve. However, it’s important to seek legal guidance even before any OSHA or other regulatory agency investigations are concluded.

Source: SUN News Report, “WI Component Manufacturer Fined $219K in 2 Worker Injury Cases,” Jan. 31, 2017


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