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6 things to know about repetitive motion injuries

Repetitive motion injuries lead to considerable issues for workers. An employee who has been affected by a repetitive motion injury can suffer from significant pain. Medical treatment, time off work and similar factors can make life difficult. These workers might opt to pursue workers’ compensation benefits if the injury is due to a work factor. Consider these points if you think you have a repetitive motion injury or already have a diagnosis of one. 

#1: Injury can occur anywhere

Many people think of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. The truth is that repetitive motion injuries can happen anywhere in the body. Individuals who bend down often, such as elementary school teachers, can suffer from repetitive motion injuries in the lower back. People who do heavy lifting might suffer from repetitive motion injuries in the knees, shoulders or back. Cashiers and factory workers might receive repetitive motion injuries in the wrist.

#2: Symptoms usually come on slowly

Unlike the symptoms that occur in an accident, the symptoms of a repetitive motion injury will likely appear slowly. The area might start to feel a bit sore at first. As time progresses, the pain will likely increase to the point that you can’t ignore it. Eventually, you might have to seek medical care to try to rectify the situation.

#3: Treatments can last a while

The treatment for repetitive motion injuries can take considerable time to work. The injury needs time to heal. Some injuries might require surgical treatment, medication regimens, or physical therapy. The exact treatment depends on the injury and the symptoms it produces.

#4: Time off work might be necessary

As the injury heals, the injured person will likely need a chance to rest. This recovery might mean that you can’t go back to work while this occurs. Even if you can go back to work, you might have to work shortened shifts or do alternative jobs. You might not be able to return to your former position unless the injury completely heals.

#5: Injuries can often be prevented

Preventing repetitive motion injuries might be as simple as using ergonomic equipment or ensuring you use proper safety protocol. Stretching before work and using proper lifting techniques are two possible ways to prevent these injuries. Employers should make every effort to try to prevent workers from suffering these injuries.

#6: Workers’ compensation might be possible

Workers’ compensation benefits might be possible if you suffer a repetitive motion injury. This is the case if the injury is the result of work duties or if those duties exacerbated the injuries. Workers’ compensation can cover medical bills and provide partial wage replacement to help you with regular life expenses while you heal.

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