What are the symptoms of broken ribs?

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When you work in a physically demanding environment, such as the construction injury, there is always the chance that you could suffer an injury. For example, broken ribs are a common injury that can change your life in many ways as you recover.

It’s important to understand the symptoms of broken ribs, as this will help you better understand if you’re suffering from this problem:

— Mild to severe pain in and around the injured area

— Difficulty breathing (especially deeply) without pain

— Pain around the fracture site when the broken rib is touched

Along with the above, if you are unable to breathe normally, you may experience the following:

— Dizziness

— Headache

— Anxiousness

— Feeling of always being short of breath

Unlike other types of broken bones, broken ribs are more difficult to treat due to the location. However, doctors typically suggest the following:

— Ice the injured ribs several times per day to reduce swelling

— Get as much rest as possible, avoiding activity that will strain your ribs

— Take pain medication as needed

By taking these basic steps, you’re putting yourself in position to heal your ribs as quickly as possible.

It may not be the most serious workplace injury, but broken ribs can be extremely painful. Furthermore, this injury can keep you out of work for an extended period of time, as it’s important to get your rest.

With all this in mind, you should consider filing a claim for ‘ benefits. This money can be used to pay bills and other expenses as you recover and look forward to returning to your job.

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