Choose the right type of eye and face protection

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Depending on your profession, you may find that you need to protect your eyes and face at all times. If you neglect to do so, you’re taking a big risk with your health and overall well-being.

While you rely on your employer to help you choose the right type of eye and face protection, you shouldn’t stop there. You also need to learn more on your own, as it’s imperative that you always do whatever you can to remain safe.

Safety goggles, for example, are used to protect the eyes, the eye sockets and the immediate area around the eyes. Not only can goggles protect you from chemical hazards, but they can do the same in the event of flying debris.

Some professions call for the use of a face shield, as these are meant to protect the entire face from a variety of hazards, such as extreme heat, splashing of molten metal and debris.

In many industries, face shields are known as a secondary protector. This means it must be worn along with some type of primary protection, such as safety goggles

If you neglect to choose the right type of eye and face protection, you could find yourself dealing with a serious eye or face injury at some point.

Don’t ignore any injury to this part of your body, as immediate medical attention is a must. Once you understand your injuries and what type of treatment you require, you can then learn more about your legal rights, such as the ability to file a claim for ‘ benefits.

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