How to choose the right work boots for comfort and safety

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Firm News |

If you work in an industry in which you have to wear work boots, it’s imperative that you make the right buying decision the first time around. This will ensure that you always have the perfect boots protecting your feet.

Generally speaking, there are two things to think about when it comes to choosing work boots: comfort and safety.

While comfort is important, since you’re wearing the work boots day after day, safety should be at the top of your list. Here are several things to keep in mind when choosing work boots:

  • Height. The taller the boot, the greater the protection.
  • Weight. While heavy work boots may sound like a great idea, you don’t want to be lugging these around all day long
  • Water resistance. If you’re working outdoors or around water, this is something you can’t afford to overlook.
  • Steel toes. This is imperative for both safety and cold weather protection, so don’t overlook this detail.
  • Insulation. If you’re in search of work boots you can wear outdoors, you’ll want to choose a pair with the appropriate insulation.

It can be a challenge to keep these things in mind when buying work boots, but you can’t afford to make a mistake. Without the right footwear, you’re putting your feet at risk on the job site.

If you suffer any type of foot injury at work, stop what you are doing and call for help. Once you know the long-term impact, don’t wait to learn more about your legal rights in regards to the ‘ system.

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