Do you make it a habit to follow these ladder safety tips?

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Using a ladder sounds like a simple task, but it’s this mindset that could lead to trouble at some point in the future.

If you don’t understand the ins and outs of ladder safety, there’s a good chance you could make a mistake that leads to an accident.

Here are some ladder safety tips that you should always be thinking about:

  • Never climb a ladder when you are feeling dizzy or tired
  • Make sure you wear the right shoes as to maintain good traction
  • Never climb a ladder that is wet
  • Don’t use a ladder in storms or high winds
  • Before using a ladder, inspect every aspect to ensure its safety
  • Use the right size ladder for the job
  • Place your ladder on firm and level ground
  • Let others know that you will be using the ladder
  • Don’t place a ladder in front of a door or other area where there will be a lot of foot traffic
  • Read the safety information before use

These are the types of ladder safety tips that can help keep you safe when using this common workplace tool.

If you are part of a ladder accident, it’s possible that you could suffer a serious injury, such as a concussion or spinal contusion. For this reason, you should receive immediate medical attention.

If you were injured on the job, report the accident to your employer and learn more about your legal rights. You may be able to file a ‘ claim, giving you some financial assistance until you can return to your job.

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