Many count on their income for life’s necessities

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Firm News |

Being hurt on the job is a nightmare for many . While some people have the luxury of being able to take time off of work without worrying about finances, other people can’t do this. Some employees count on their income to make ends meet and pay for the things they need in life.

We understand that you need to take time off of work, but balancing that with the need to heal after the injury is something that is hard to do. ‘ coverage might be the answer to this conundrum.

who are hurt at work can file for these benefits. The actual benefits that you are entitled to depend on the circumstances of the injury. At a minimum, your medical bills will be taken care of if you are approved for benefits.

If you have to miss work, you might also be able to obtain partial wage replacement benefits. As implied, these payment won’t be equal to your current pay. Instead, they are set at two-thirds of your average weekly pay. There are specific limits to the payments, so there is a chance that your payments will be less.

We know that you might have some questions about all of this. If you don’t get the benefits that you think you should, you might even need to learn how to handle the appeals process. Fortunately, we can help you out with all of these aspects of obtaining ‘ .

You need to learn about your rights and make sure that you are complying with the deadlines and processes necessary in these cases. You don’t want to be denied on a technicality.


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