Work-zone safety awareness focus of upcoming construction season

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Firm News |

The construction season in the state of Wisconsin is rapidly approaching and officials in the state are preaching awareness of construction zone safety. Notably, officials in Outagamie County are pushing for public awareness of this very important topic. The officials in the county are asking for both the public and construction in these zones to be aware of their surroundings in order to remain safe when in the zones.

The call for awareness in these work zones came at the start of National Work Zone Awareness Week, which was earlier in the month of April. To explain how important this awareness is for drivers and , there were some 2,700 accidents that occurred in work zones in 2017 across the state of Wisconsin.

One of the biggest causes of those accidents was distracted driving, according to the Outagamie County Highway commissioner. The commissioner noted that construction are in the most danger during these situations but that the drivers causing the accidents are the ones who are coming away with the most severe injuries and are the ones dying in these accidents.

Outagamie County’s Highway Department will be conducting more construction projects for roads at nighttime in 2018. The county is advising drivers to slow down, be alert and do their best to expect the unexpected.

Construction zones on any type of road are dangerous. They can distract drivers and even operating in the zones. Because of this, drivers need to be as safe as possible in these zones for the benefit and safety of the in Saint Croix, Wisconsin.

Source: Fox11 News, “Outagamie County makes a push for work-zone safety ahead of construction season,” April 06, 2018


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