Construction zone safety tips for Wisconsin roads

by | May 4, 2018 | Firm News |

Construction zones on roadways are some of the most dangerous places in the state of Wisconsin. All too often, you see news reports of construction getting injured or killed in accidents. These are accidents that could easily have been avoided. Here are some very important road construction work zone safety tips for all construction to follow in Saint Croix.

Every construction zone on the roads of Wisconsin should properly control the traffic flowing through it. This involves using traffic control devices, signs, warning lights, flaggers and many other items to ensure the safety of the in the construction zone.

The work areas on the roads of Wisconsin should always be separated from the travel lanes. This can be done by requesting the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to set up cones and other blocking devices to create a buffer zone between the work being performed and the motorists.

All on site should don the proper safety apparel and equipment. This includes highly visible, reflective vests and helmets. Gloves, boots, goggles and long clothing should also be worn.

should never walk in the blind spots of large trucks or heavy machinery that is being operated at the construction zone. This can lead to a very tragic accident.

There should be safety meetings held each morning at the work zone to ensure that all are informed of the day’s tasks, reminded of the safety procedures and so they can ask any questions.

These safety tips are vital to the health and well-being of all work zone construction throughout Wisconsin. If you follow these tips, you should remain safe while at work so you can return home to your family.


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