Forklift operation safety tips for Wisconsin construction

by | May 17, 2018 | Firm News |

When you leave for work in the morning in Saint Croix, you might not be thinking about suffering an injury on the job. But, if you work in construction, you very well could suffer an injury. No matter how safe you are, someone else could make a mistake or operate a forklift in an unsafe manner, leading to you being injured at work. Here are some forklift operation safety tips for your construction team in Wisconsin.

Anyone who operates a forklift at your job site should be trained and certified to do so. No one should operate the forklift if they are not qualified. This can only lead to unfortunate accidents that can cause severe injury or death. These accidents can also cost your company millions of dollars in product and lawsuits.

All forklift operators should be put through a safety course annually by your company. This course can be designed and taught on-site or you could send the employees to an off-site location to take the course. Either way, an annual refresher course can help protect all of your employees from accidents involving a forklift.

If you have employees walking around the company when forklifts are being operated, make sure they stay as far away as possible. If they are serving as spotters, they need to be in the line of sight of the forklift operator so accidents do not occur. If the spotter cannot be seen, the forklift operator should cease operations immediately.

Operating a forklift as safely as possible is very important at any place of employment. If you follow the safety tips outlined in this post, you and your co- should have no trouble avoiding injury.


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