Progress being made on refinery recovery following explosion

by | May 11, 2018 | Firm News |

The company that owns the refinery that experienced a series of explosions and fires last week in Wisconsin has said that progress is being made in the recovery efforts. Husky Energy gave an update to the recovery process going on at the refinery in Superior, which was temporarily evacuated the day of the incident. The incident injured 20 and left oil all over the area.

The update was given by the Mayor of Superior, who said that the company is monitoring the air, collecting debris, paying claims and cleaning up the water around the refinery. Husky Energy has collected records of the air at 3,100 sites in Superior totaling 1.5 million records. None of the 1.5 million records have shown levels of emissions that are above the health thresholds set forth by the government.

Water used in the firefighting efforts at the refinery was collected and is now being stored in the fire and storm water containment system within the refinery. The waters of the Newton Creek down to Hog Island Inlet have been tested by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Husky Energy. The refinery’s ponds of storm water on site have also been tested.

As of this week there were some 1,450 claims submitted to Husky Energy related to the fire. There are 300 at the site of the fire working to clean up the debris, while 140 more are staffing the company’s emergency operations center or helping cleanup the city.

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Source: Wisconsin Public Radio, “Husky Energy Says It’s Making Progress On Superior Oil Refinery Recovery,” May 07, 2018


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