Safety conditions topic of discussion for auto

by | May 24, 2018 | Firm News |

Safety conditions have recently been the topic of discussion for auto across the United States after some workplace accidents. The accidents have come after automakers have cut costs all while trying to increase production at plants all over the country. The latest injury occurred at a Ford plant in Detroit and it involved a veteran employee of the automotive industry.

The accident at the Ford plant occurred on May 4 and involved a 55-year-old female employee. The woman fell down into a pit that was located at the end of the assembly line. Her legs got pinned and she could not extricate herself. If it were not for her co, who sprung into action, the accident would have likely been tragic.

Even though she was a veteran of the industry, she had not been assigned to a job on the assembly line in quite some time. She was not offered proper training for her new assignment either. The manager of the plant tried to resume production immediately following the incident but employees refused to work.

Just two days prior to this accident an explosion and subsequent fire at a plant in Michigan caused injury to two employees. The explosion caused extensive damage to the building and could have led to multiple fatalities. The company had previously been cited multiple times for violations of safety policies.

An accident on May 10 killed an employee at an auto plant in Wisconsin. The worker died when a metal slab came loose and fell on him. The victim was the second to die on the job since 2010 at this plant.

Industrial ‘ accidents in Wisconsin are serious. They can cause severe injury and even death. All should know their rights as employees and how they can protect themselves from these injuries.

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