Making yourself visible at a construction site

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Firm News |

Working on a construction site can be very rewarding. Being able to work with your hands, tools and say that you had a part in building something incredible can go a long way for your confidence. You also need to make sure that you remain safe when on the construction site, especially if it is on a road or highway. Here are some tips for making yourself visible when working at a construction site in Saint Croix.

When you are assigned to a roadside construction site, you are going to work each day at a very dangerous place. Even with proper protective barriers, signs and lane closures, you could still wind up involved in an accident. Drivers don’t like to slow down through construction zones. They also don’t like to put their phones down when driving. This is a recipe for disaster.

Make sure you are wearing plenty of reflective gear when working on a roadside construction site. This includes a hard hat with reflective decals, a reflective vest and even gloves with reflective decals on them. You can also wear brightly colored clothes to help drivers notice you when working on a roadside construction site.

Try to work under the spotlights when performing construction work at night alongside the road. When you are working or walking in a poorly lit area, you are putting your safety at risk.

Making yourself visible on a construction site in Wisconsin is easy. You just need to use the right reflective apparel and follow the tips outlined in this post to ensure your safety.


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