Fall prevention gear all should have in Wisconsin

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Firm News |

Construction are constantly in danger when at work in Saint Croix. Even if your construction site is known for safety and has strong policies in place, accidents can still happen that lead to severe injuries and even death. who are constantly on scaffolding or working high off the ground should have fall prevention gear with them at all times.

Aside from a hard hat and nonslip shoes, which should be steel-toed boots, you should always have lifelines with you. Lifelines are ropes that are secured horizontally, vertically and are self-retracting. These lines will be your lifeline should you fall from scaffolding or an open window. They will help you secure yourself until a rescue can be performed.

Aside from lifelines, you should always have a harness with you at work. The harness should be worn whenever you are working on scaffolding so that it attaches you to something stationary. A harness will work with just about any harness system.

Positioning and restraint lanyards are also important pieces of fall prevention gear that you should have with you on a job site in Wisconsin. These items will be used with the harness and the ropes you have that connect you to the harness system.

It’s also important to have multiple sets of gloves with you. Gloves protect your hands from being burnt if you are holding onto a rope as you are falling. The gloves also provide you with more grip when holding a rope.

Suffering an injury on a construction site can put you out of work for months on end. Even with ‘ benefits, you could still struggle to pay the bills. Make sure your fall prevention gear is in good condition and with you all the time when on the job.


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