5 common injuries seen in industrial environments

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There are many workplace injuries that take place each day in America. The Pew Research Center states that approximately 12.3 million people in America work in factories or manufacturing facilities. These are some of the most dangerous places to work, since there is a risk of coming into contact with hazards like chemicals or sharp objects.

Interestingly enough, there are around five or six kinds of injuries that are more common than others. These include things like pulled muscles or burns. Here’s a little more about what kinds of injuries you may come into contact with in the industrial workplace.

Pulled muscles Pulled muscles are relatively common injuries, and they result in swelling, pain and tenderness. It is normally a good idea for people with a pulled muscle to rest. If they don’t, the injury could worsen.

Burns Factory are exposed to a risk of burns. The American Burn Association reports that around 500,000 people working in the United States end up with burns that require medical intervention.

Caught in or between

Another injury that is common in factory work is a caught in or between injury. These may be crushing injuries or simple entrapment, but either way result in serious injuries. Some have been pulled into machines and crushed, while others have had sudden amputations as a result of coming into contact with sharp parts.

Repetitive-strain injuries

Repetitive-strain injuries are common among those who complete the same movements over and over again. Someone working on the factory line may move boxes on and off the line, for example. Doing this for eight to 12 hours a day with similar movements wears down the body over time.


Finally, there is overexertion. This is probably the most common injury suffered by factory . It is common for factory to work long shifts without regard for their own need for rest. This can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. The bad thing about exhaustion or fatigue is that both can lead to making more mistakes on the job.

Industrial workplaces are more dangerous than some others, and you should be wary of injuries if you decide to work in one. The above injuries are common among , but they can be treated in most cases. If you’re hurt on the job, make sure you report it as soon as it happens. You can then take steps to get medical help.


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