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How to prevent repetitive motion injuries at work

It doesn't matter what type of job you work or where you go to work each day, it's not uncommon for you to wind up suffering a repetitive motion injury.

What is a repetitive motion injury? For starters, it is an injury that is caused by making the same motion over and over again with a part of your body. For example, the use of your arms to lift items or your hands and wrists to type on a computer. Here's how you can prevent such an injury.

It's important that you improve your posture as much as possible when sitting at a desk during the day. You should also get up and stretch and walk around for at least five minutes every hour of the day so your body does not get stiff.

Be aware of the signs of a repetitive motion injury. These include stiffness, aches in your bones and pain in the neck or back. If any of these signs appear, you need to change your habits as soon as possible. If the stiffness or pain linger, you should see a doctor.

The issue could be the chair in which you are sitting. If that's the case, try to invest in a chair that offers plenty of comfort and support for your back and head. You will want a chair that is ergonomic so you do not suffer repetitive injuries.

If you are required to lift a lot of items while at work, you need to use proper lifting techniques. This includes lifting while bending your knees, wearing a back brace and not lifting items that are too heavy for you.

Preventing a repetitive motion injury while at work isn't easy but it can be done. You simply need to follow the tips outlined in this post and make a conscious effort to keep yourself healthy.

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