Safety needs to be part of the company culture

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Firm News |

All too often, supervisors and managers do not seem to take safety seriously until something goes wrong and a worker gets hurt. Then they have meetings about how to be safer and how to keep accidents from happening again.

This is a reactive way to think, and it puts at risk. It means that safety is not part of the company culture. It is just something that people think about when they have to. After enough time goes by without another incident, people will fall back into the same lax safety practices they used before, and then another accident will happen. This may result in more meetings and the entire cycle will start over, but you can see that they’re really just heading toward yet another accident.

Instead of being reactive, it is important for companies to make safety part of their culture every single day. With every job a worker gets, they should talk about how to do it safely and how to avoid accidents. At every staff meeting, they should review how their safety procedures are working. Supervisors should constantly be looking for violations or potential mistakes.

By doing this, the company has a chance to actually prevent accidents from taking place. They break that dangerous cycle. They ensure that know what is expected of them and know how to consider safety at every turn. When this mindset is embedded in the culture of the company itself, it keeps people from getting injured on the job.

As noted, many companies do not do this. who get hurt when safety is just not a priority at the company must know exactly what legal options they have to recover for their losses or seek medical treatment.


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