Wausau man mourned after workplace death

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Firm News |

Renters often have mixed feelings about building managers and superintendents. The right one can be just the attentive and responsive presence you want taking care of your home, while anyone else can prove an annoyance or worse. But building maintenance is a dangerous job, rated near construction and emergency services as risky to life and limb.

A town in central Wisconsin is mourning the operation’s manager at a building housing a local community center after he died recently in a work accident. The 57-year-old died after an electrical injury in the building; although no foul play is suspected, the Marathon County medical examiner is still investigating his death.

The victim is described as a thoughtful man who spent much of his free time contemplating spiritual issues and discussing them with his co-. He was a resident of Wausau for 18 years, after moving from Chicago to be closer to his family. His wife and son are also known for their commitments to the community.

He became the building manager and began the job that took his life after dissatisfaction with an industrial job drove him to give more to his neighbors in need. His co- dedicated his favorite reading spot as a small memorial library.

Victims of workplace injuries and the survivors of those killed on the job may have a case to claim appropriate damages and help stop possible future problems for . An attorney can help families figure out the best way forward after a difficult and unexpected accident at work. This may include legal claims, mediation or other ways to resolve disputes around workplace safety.


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