6 signs of a neck injury

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Firm News |

Neck injuries are incredibly serious and it is important to identify them quickly. Attempting to move a person with a neck injury, even if you’re just trying to assist them, can actually make things far worse and may lead to paralysis.

To help, here are six potential signs that the person suffered a neck or spine injury:

  1. After suffering what appears to be a head injury, the person’s level of consciousness continues to change.
  2. Even if the person is awake, they will not or cannot move their neck or head.
  3. They talk about severe pain in that area — the head or neck — which perhaps prevents that movement.
  4. The person has numbness or weakness after the injury, even in areas that were not directly impacted, such as the limbs.
  5. The person cannot control their bodily functions, such as their bowels, bladder, arms or legs.
  6. The person has a clear physical injury, such as a spine that is twisted oddly or a neck that is out of position.

The biggest sign is that the person is in significant pain and cannot move as well as they should be able to. However, a serious injury could also knock them unconscious, so they may not be able to describe their injuries. That’s when it’s important to look at their positioning or consider the type of incident that caused the injury.

If you suffer a neck or spine injury in a workplace accident, you could face extensive medical bills, months of treatment and rehabilitation and ramifications that last for the rest of your life. Make sure you fully understand all of your rights to .


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