Disability benefits aren’t the same

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If you are hurt while on the job, then you will likely receive ‘ . This covers your medical care and may provide additional benefits such as training for a new position or wage protection.

In many cases, those who are hurt on the job are able to go back to the same job or be trained to go to a different job. If you are completely disabled, however, then you may be interested in better understanding what ‘ will do for you.

Are there differences between disability benefits?

benefits are given to individuals who are hurt on the job in exchange for the guarantee that they will not sue the employer. Employers are required to carry this coverage to cover their employees in the case of an injury.

will cover you after you get hurt on the job, and it will continue to cover you if you are fully disabled. However, these benefits may end and will need to be replaced by disability benefits through the state and federal government.

‘temporary disability benefits are paid to those who are hurt and disabled on the job until it’s clear how well they will heal and their health conditions stabilize. At that time, it’s possible to see if a person will be permanently disabled or able to return to work. If they are permanently disabled, they may be entitled to permanent disability benefits and lifetime medical care through the federal government. If you receive state disability benefits, they are good for only 52 weeks before your eligibility will end.

Can you receive both ‘ and disability benefits?

Sometimes, it’s possible to receive both. If you have a terminal illness, expect to be disabled for a year or longer, or are disabled presently, you may be entitled to the Social Security disability program’s benefits. If you’re hurt on the job, you’ll also be entitled to ‘ .

However, understand that your Social Security Disability income may be reduced since you are receiving ‘ or state disability benefits. They may increase when those benefits end or if they decrease in value in the future.

Your attorney can discuss your options, so that you know you’re receiving as many of the benefits that are available to you as possible. You deserve a chance to focus on your health and be supported while you do so.


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