Inspecting your personal protective equipment daily

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Firm News |

Working in the construction industry can be rewarding and dangerous all at the same time. Why? You feel a sense of worth because you are building things with your own hands. But you might also feel unsafe because of the working conditions or the natural danger of the job site. One way to remain safe is by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times while on the job in Saint Croix. Here’s why you should inspect your PPE daily.

When you inspect your PPE each day before work, you might prevent yourself from suffering an injury. Make sure you review your helmet, goggles, boots, hazmat suit, gloves, face mask, breathing apparatus and any other piece of PPE that has been assigned to you by your employer.

Inspecting your PPE is best done prior to the start of each workday. You don’t want to begin working on the construction site and notice an issue with your PPE while you are well into your project. This will force you to lose time on the job, which could mean you are off the clock while you get a replacement piece of PPE.

Inspecting the PPE before going to work each day will ensure that you are protected from injuries caused by flying debris, falling objects, fire, chemicals and other dangerous materials found on construction sites.

Inspecting your PPE prior to work on a construction site each day in Wisconsin could wind up saving your life. You can find broken pieces, make the repairs or replace the item before you begin work for the day.


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