Preventing falls while working outside on the job

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Firm News |

If your job requires you to work outdoors a lot during the winter months in Wisconsin, you need to protect yourself from various fall hazards. These hazards may be easily seen or very difficult to find. If you come across any hazards you need to either fix them yourself or report them to your supervisor. Here are some tips for preventing falls while working outside on the job.

Make sure all walkways and paths are kept clear of all debris. Even the smallest piece of debris from the job site can wind up causing a trip-and-fall accident that can lead to serious injuries.

Every worksite should have clear signage at the appropriate locations. If there are fall hazards that cannot be removed, make sure there are signs in place that explain this hazard to all .

The site must have proper lighting. Working in the dark should never be an option. Lights powered by generators or light towers on trucks will help see where they are walking.

Make sure all tools and other equipment are packed away in the proper cases and locations. Do not leave tools lying around the job site as can wind up tripping and falling if they step on one.

Working outdoors does not mean you won’t be working with power tools. Be sure that the cords to these tools are marked appropriately and are not left sitting on a walking path.

Taking steps to prevent falls while working outside on the job will help you stay safe and avoid serious injuries. Make sure you are always on the lookout for various hazards and know how to report them so that you and others do not wind up getting hurt.


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