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Do you know the labels for various workplace hazards?

When you go to work in Wisconsin, do you know the hazards that are present? Every workplace has hazards that can lead to accidents and injuries. It's important that you know of all these hazards, especially if they involve flames, chemicals or other items that can cause a problem. So, do you know the labels for various workplace hazards?

Health hazard (top half of a body): This label warns against reproductive toxicity, carcinogens, aspiration toxicity, mutagens and other problems.

Flame (flames): This label warns of objects that are flammable.

Exclamation point: This label warns users of various hazards, including skin irritants, eye irritants, respiratory irritants, acute toxicity and narcotic effects.

Gas cylinder: The label featuring a gas cylinder warns employees that there is gas under pressure present in the workplace.

Exploding bomb: A label with an exploding bomb on it is used to warn employees of explosives or other explosive material.

Flame over a circle: A label that has a flame over a circle on it is to warn employees that oxidizers are present.

Corrosion (chemicals poured on a hand): This label warns employees that the material in the container can lead to skin burns, can be corrosive to metals and can cause damage to the eyes.

Skull and crossbones: This label warns employees that the material they are using has acute toxicity.

Workplace hazards, if not properly marked, can cause serious accidents that can lead to burns, broken bones and other problems. Make sure you learn all of the labels mentioned in this post so you can protect yourself when on the job, no matter the type of job, in Wisconsin.

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