How to protect your eyes on the job

by | May 17, 2019 | Firm News |

No matter where you work, or which industry it is, there are dangers to your eyes that you face every single day. It’s important that you protect your eyes as much as possible to avoid an accident that could leave you with vision problems. Today, our workplace safety tips include protecting your eyes on the job in Saint Croix, Wisconsin.

Learn the hazards present where you work that could wind up harming your eyes. This includes dust, concrete, water and other materials. If you work in construction or the medical industry, be sure to wear the appropriate goggles for the job. If you wear glasses, it might be a good idea to throw goggles on over them to protect them from scratching or breaking while working.

Do you perform a lot of work in front of a computer? Make sure you take breaks throughout the day so your eyes can refocus. Install anti-glare screens on the monitor and try not to sit too close to the screen.

Install side shields on your goggles or safety glasses. Particles and debris can still enter your eyes from the sides if there are no shields present. Put yourself ahead of the game and install these parts prior to suffering an injury.

Most importantly, visit the eye doctor for annual checkups. Your vision can change from one year to the next. You will want a doctor to examine your eyes and make sure nothing is wrong with them.

Your eyes are an asset. Suffering an injury because of an accident at work could leave you partially or completely blind, without an eye or with blurred vision. Make sure you follow the safety tips outlined today to protect your eyes so you do not encounter vision problems in the future.


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