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How to safely use a ladder at work

Using a ladder at work might seem like common sense. The safe use of a ladder is not always obvious. Many people become too comfortable in their surroundings, especially at work. This can lead to serious accidents that cause traumatic injuries. Falls from ladders can leave you with broken bones, brain injuries, back injuries and more. Here's how to safely use a ladder, so you can avoid an accident.

Make sure you choose the right ladder for the project. If you are working near power lines or other electrical equipment, use a fiberglass ladder. This will prevent conductivity that could cause you to be electrocuted.

Choose a ladder that has enough extension to it. You don't want to stand on the top rung or the platform at the top. This will make the ladder unbalanced and is a common cause of falls.

Are you bringing a lot of equipment with you up the ladder? Do not carry it in your hands. Your hands need to be free when climbing up and down the ladder. Use a rope system to lift the equipment up to where you are headed.

Angle the ladder correctly and make sure the locks are in place before you start climbing. If the angle is not correct, the ladder could snap under your weight or fall. If the locks are not secure, the ladder could close while you climb it.

If you have suffered a fall from a ladder on the job, make sure you seek medical care immediately and then speak to an experienced attorney. You don't want to be on the hook for your medical bills if the fall was caused by a broken ladder or an unsafe scenario caused by your employer.

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