5 tips for creating or updating your employee handbook

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Employment Law, Firm News |

Your company handbook represents information your employees need. It also serves as a means to communicate with them. 

Whether you are updating or creating from scratch, here are five tips to help make your handbook as appealing and informative as possible. 

1. Keep it simple

Present the information in your employee handbook clearly. Write in plain, simple language to avoid misunderstandings. Stay away from stuffy content. Be creative; do not be afraid to use graphics and pictures to make the handbook more appealing. 

2. Mention pay, work hours and benefits

Every employee handbook must include pertinent information about compensation, work hours and company benefits. This is the area where you can mention vacation and leave time policies and benefits such as your health care and retirement plans, stock options and any other employee benefits. 

3. Describe recognition programs

It is also a good idea to talk about company culture and include information about employee recognition programs. Motivate your new hires to accomplish great things as soon as they come on board. 

4. Include legal matters

In your handbook, you must include content about relevant laws, such as workers’ compensation coverage plus nondiscrimination and anti-harassment laws. Emphasize that company personnel is always available if an employee has questions or wishes to discuss a work-related issue. 

5. Review regularly

As your company grows, your policies will likely change, and new information will emerge. Review your handbook at regular intervals in order to make any pertinent additions or deletions. Remember that state and federal laws that have a bearing on your business also change with time. To avoid any legal missteps, be sure to include the revised laws in your employee handbook. 


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