Is it too early to make an estate plan?

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Having an estate plan is something that not many people consider. In fact, it may be why nearly 60% of Americans do not have an estate plan. Estate plans are not just something that only extremely wealthy people need. The truth is that everyone can benefit from an estate plan, but when is the right time to start planning?

Is now the time to start planning?

A strong estate plan will have wills and trusts to ensure your loved ones inherit your assets with security, appoint a guardian to look after your children if you should suddenly pass, and a health care directive to specify your medical wishes when you cannot convey them on your own.

There is no telling what the future may bring, even for tomorrow, which makes now the best time to start your estate planning. No matter how many assets you may have or how good of health you may be in, it is never a bad idea to protect yourself and your loved ones with an estate plan of your own.

How you can start planning today

The first step in estate planning is often the hardest. You do not have to try and navigate your way through your estate planning by yourself. Instead, let the experience of a skilled estate planning attorney help you create a custom plan that they can tailor to meet your unique needs.

Estate planning is something that everyone can benefit from, and it is something that they can benefit from today. If you do not have an estate plan in place, now is the best possible time to get one, so be sure to act today to protect your tomorrow.


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