Three reasons you should never post about your OWI on social media

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Social media has revolutionized how people share their lives, experiences and feelings with family and friends. Most human interaction seems to be taking place online instead of in person. While this has been a wonderful way to keep connected, sharing news with friends and family publicly is not always the best approach.

There are many good reasons to never post about your drunk driving arrest on any social media platform. Here are three good reasons why you should keep your OWI off social media.

You cannot “delete” posts

You may believe that a post is gone from the internet once you delete it, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you post something you regret and delete it, your post is still available to diligent police and prosecutors. Best to never post at all.

Prosecutors can twist your words

The government can use anything available on your social media against you once your OWI ends up in court. Talented prosecutors can twist a simple phrase, such as “I didn’t mean for that to happen,” into an admission of guilt, even if you had no intention of admitting anything.

Courts will admit your photos into evidence

The court will accept photos and videos taken from your social media accounts as evidence in court. Photos or videos that you post regarding the arrest can be used to discredit your claims and “prove” your liability.

Posting about your drunk-driving arrest online has no upside; posts can only hurt you. Do not be tempted to share information about your arrest on your socials.


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