4 ways to avoid a DUI around the holidays

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Drunk driving incidents become more prevalent during the holiday season. While people are out celebrating the festivities, they might drink and then make the irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel.

Although the best way to avoid a DUI is to abstain from drinking alcohol at holiday gatherings, avoidance is not possible for many. Incorporate the following tips to avoid driving under the influence.

1. Use a rideshare app.

If you choose to let loose and drink to celebrate, consider taking a taxi or another ridesharing service to get to your next destination. Download the Uber or Lyft app on your phone ahead of going out.

2. Select a designated driver.

To save money, you might enlist a trustworthy friend or loved one to remain sober so they can act as the designated driver for the evening. Do not get in a vehicle with someone who is drinking.

3. Eat a full meal.

Stay safe if you indulge in alcohol around the holidays by not drinking alone and consuming plenty of food and water to balance the alcohol. Your body absorbs alcohol more slowly if you have a full stomach—snack on proteins and fats such as cheese, meat, peanut butter or yogurt.

4. Pace yourself.

Plan to have no more than one alcoholic drink per hour and follow the beverage with a pint of water. Designate a time to stop drinking alcohol at least 90 minutes before leaving the bar or gathering. Your liver processes the alcohol and the blood alcohol levels go down at around one drink per hour. Stay longer at the party, help clean up, get something to eat or take a walk while you wait.

Stay safe if you and your loved ones choose to drink around the holidays.


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