Testifying in a personal injury case in Wisconsin

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Animal Bites |

Readers of our blog know that we are firm advocates for the rights of people who were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. In last week’s blog post, we discussed animal bites and how it is important to determine which party you should seek from if you are bitten by an animal. That is only the first part of a personal injury case in Wisconsin.

Like any personal injury case, there is a chance that animal bite cases will be resolved out of court. However, that isn’t a given. There are some personal injury cases that end up in court. In those cases, the complainant might be called to testify before the court. If that happens, it is important for the complainant to give a strong testimony.

As everyone is probably aware, giving a strong testimony means clearly stating the facts. This means being honest in your testimony, even if it means you have to say you don’t remember something that you truly don’t remember. There are other aspects of giving a strong testimony that you might not realize.

It is important to prepare yourself before you testify. This involves thinking about potential questions and deciding on the wording that best conveys your response to the question. Doing this ahead of time can often mean finding ways to answer questions that won’t be construed in a manner in which you don’t intent. By preparing yourself before you testify, you might feel more relaxed when you are on the stand.

Another important aspect of being prepared before you testify is presenting a solid case in the first place. Knowing how to present your side in a way that proves the necessary elements can be difficult, but we can help you at every step along the way.


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